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Mount Rinjani Trekking Activities covers three regional districts of Lombok island. They are North, East and in Central Lombok. At the beginning Rinjani National park opened by the government of Indonesia, there were two official routes allowed. They are through Sembalun village base in eastern of Lombok and Senaru village base in northern Lombok. While the main utterance from Torean village trail was only allowed for the locals of Lombok people.

Nowdays in 2019, after the earthquake occurred and struck anything in Lombok including all the main entrance way up to Mount Rinjani, the government has officially opened two Rinjani trekking routes, They are through Aik Berik village base in Central Lombok and the trekking route through Timbanuh village in southern East Lombok.

However, the two old main routes Senaru and Sembalun routes are still in demand and are very popular for almost all travelers or tourists. You might be interest in taking a look of the Most popular Mount Rinjani Trekking Senaru Crater rim 2 Days.

Alright, Now we are going to know the difference between the paths through Sembalun and Senaru villages?

If we take a look at these main two character trails, we will find that each of them have theirs own beauty and advantages offer. Sembalun village trekking trail offers the real natural of beauty, especially the beauty of Mount Rinjani area along the climbing path from the base to the peak, the spectacular view of the savanna grass area that blow up our mind. In addition, from the base start of Mount Rinjani trekking trails through Sembalun, we are presented with the view from the summit or the highest top of Mount Rinjani. And for trekkers who want to conquer the highest peak of mount rinjani faster, then starting from Sembalun village trekking trail is the right choice.

Different from Rinjani trekking trail through Sembalun village of East Lombok, the trekking trail through Senaru in North Lombok is filled by trees. We will walk under rain-forest and the shadow of the big trees. This path has the beauty of flora and fauna. The sun trick is only found at the end or the last part to the crater. The most interesting for the trekkers who do start the trek through Senaru, they will be able to visit and see the scenic beauty of the two famous waterfalls, Sendang gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls.

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