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Exploring mountain rinjani still being interesting by all the time. Lots of people from the all over the world are coming to see and explore the beauty of the second highest mountain in Indonesia Mount Rinjani. But still many of them the travelers or tourist are still having question about how to do hiking this mountain with the the local people the guides and porters.

A far away before rinjani was officially opened by the government, The locals had been often to ascend up Mount Rinjani, this because they are believe that Rinjani save various kinds of mystics energy. Their purpose is not only for finding and enjoying the beauty of this mountain but they do this as their spiritual journey. It makes them be familiar with all characteristics of Mount Rinjani. It means that, no doubt to hike mount rinjani with Local people in Lombok especially those who are living in around foot of Rinjani.

Either guides or porters, mostly they are from Senaru and Sembalun village. In the term of Trekking rinjani, Guide is someone assigned by the Rinjani Trekking Organized Company to guiding the trek of rinjani run well. a guide must be spoken English. The main responsibility being a guide is to accompany, tell, keep and explain everything about the trip, in this case is trek to Mount Rinjani. The existence of guides are very important as they must always with the guest from before and after the trek.

However the task being a porter in Trekking Mount Rinjani is not less important than a guide. They are the main key or spearhead of the trek. When you come to have fun exploring rinjani they even have to carry up all the necessities ranging like camping gears, tents, pillow, foods, and cooking tools.

However, Guides and Porters, they are will always smiling, keep you safe, and serve you as best as they can during your trek to Mount Rinjani. So please respect them full.

So is it possible to do the trekking of Mount Rinjani without guides or porters?. We highly recommend you to eliminate your intention of it. Trekking Rinjani is easy for them not for new people. They are local people who are very expert to conquer the secret mountain. You really need them to plan your journey well.

And Deny’s Trekking Mount Rinjani Organizer have the specialist team guide and porter who will make your dream to explore Mount Rinjani be unforgettable in your left time. It’s wort

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