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Rinjani has a very spectacular and great views from all sides of it from the starting point you begin till all the way up on there. It’s really worth. Trek Mountain Rinjani will spend several days. It usually will take from 2 days up to 5 days. It depends on the route you choose and the spot of mountain you want to reach.

Many of the trekkers want to spend much more times or days on Mount rinjani. They usually want to try to explore all the sides of the mountain such as the both crater rim Senaru and Sembalun, conquering the highest top of the mountain, visiting and see Segara Anak Lake, lying down and enjoy the swimming on the hot spring that believed can healed some diseases.

Some of them just want to try trek up the Crater rim and and The peak of Rinjani and back again to the village in the same way without going down to The Lake of Segara Anak, such as rinjani programs 2 Days 1 Night starting point Sembalun Village. Or they want to see and visit directly the Lake of Segara anak and hot spring 3 Days 2 Nights Starting point Senaru Village (this route is still close) without climbing the highest peak of Mountain Rinjani

The most popular program packages of rinjani trekking before the earthquake strike Lombok is 3Days 2Nights Starting point Sembalun Village and finish in Senaru village. But today in 2019, the program is still closed by the government, because the way down to the lake still much broken or has no access since the earthquake happened.

However, the government still allow the trekkers to do the trek. And the most popular route and package today is 2Days 1Night-Senaru Rim starting point Senaru Village and Mount rinjani trip sharing group.

So in summary, you can do the trekking activities of Mount Rinjani just till the fourth Crater Rims. Senaru, Sembalun, Aik Berik and Timbanuh Crater rim. and the only access to reach the rinjani summit is through Sembalun village base.

If you have more question about rinjani route and the time needed, feel free to contact us via email or the phone number available in this website.

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