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Deny’s Trekking under the CV of Bale Kayu Homestay has dedicated being one of Mount rinjani trekking organizer since 2015 located in Senaru Village North Lombok. Deny’s Trekking was found by Mr Adi, the owner of Bale Kayu Homestay. Deny’s is his first boy born in 2014, so he named his Trekking Company Deny’s Trekking to always remember the name of his beloved boy.

Mr. Adi was inspired to build his trekking company because his guests who stay in his homestay always ask about the trip to mount rinjani. Firstly, He just provide the accommodation for the travelers who come to Senaru village than he tried to expand his business with opening the trekking trip to Mount Rinjani.

Most of the customers he had from the people who stay in his accommodation, his capability in organizing the trip with good quality service make his business grow well. So the people who did the trek also help to promote his business. His guests happily to give recommendations to another people if they want to do the trek in order to book from Mr. Adi Company Deny’s Trekking.

Year by year, Deny’s trekking keep growing well, and in 2017 the website www.deny’strekking.com become online to make sure all the people around the world can reach it. Unfortunately after a year this site built, Lombok is struck by the massive earthquake continuously start end of June 2018, the epicenter was in Senaru village and the area nearby.

This disaster caused the tremendous damage in several areas in Lombok, especially in Senaru village. Bale Kayu Homestay as the office of Deny’s Trekking also in some of part building any of the damages. this cause all the trekking activities and some tours in Senaru Village regions was totally stopped.

In 2019, Mr. Adi was not stood up yet run his business, he even did not know that his website of Deny’s Trekking will expired. instead he rents his lodging to cover the building losses caused by the earthquake. Until now 2020, Bale kayu Homestay is still in another person (still rented). 

Since the government announced that Mount rinjani trekking can be booked again, He planed to bring his website back of Deny’s Trekking. He started to analyzed, learn and discovered the Trip of Mount Rinjani, So he started to rewrite and updated the trip itinerary as much as he can in every of his spare time.

All the trip packages of Mount Rinjani available from this website is purely the most trusted route both through Senaru and Sembalun village based on the official information from the government. And the most in demand for leisure traveler is Mount rinjani Senaru Crater Rim and Mount Rinjani Summit. And for solo traveler, most of them choose Mount rinjani Trip Senaru Crater rim Sharing group

For more information about mount rinjani trip provided by Deny’s Trekking, feel tree to contact us via the available email dress and phone number from this website

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