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Rinjani Trip With Deny’s Trekking

If you are holiday in Lombok, you will find the most attraction sought by the travelers is Mount Rinjani Trekking. and of course you will be interested to feel the sensation of trekking on the second highest volcano in Indonesia mountain rinjani. But you may ask about what is the procedure of this trekking activity and what are the things includes if doing trekking with Trekking Organizer?

Deny’s Trekking provide all the things meet your needs before departing the trek, From the accommodations to stay, Transportation to transfer, All Camping Gears, English speaking guide and the experienced porters (Ground Man).


Stay happily and enjoy your rest at our accommodation Bale Kayu Homestay in Senaru full by the green amazing view of the rice-field. Deny’s Trekking is belong to Bale Kayu Homestay owned by Mr. Adi. We will drop you at our place Bale Kayu Homestay at the arrival day before start the trek the day after


We are ready to pick you up at any places in Lombok once you book Mount Rinjani Trekking Trip with Deny’s Trekking whether you are alone, couple, or group. You also will have free transfer to your next destination after the trek. All the transportation before during and after the trek is free (Mount Rinjani Cost Include)

Guides and Porters

Trek at Mount Rinjani will certainly never be complete as the expectation without being accompanied by Guides and Porters. They are the ones who will guide you exploring the main spot mount rinjani.

Guide is someone who will lead you during the trek. you will be always with him all the time. his responsibility is to keep you safe, answering your questions, and sometime tell the story about the majestic mountain rinjani. it is completely necessary to have a guide when trekking to Rinjani especially when heading up the Summit and the lake. without guide from localĀ  people, we may get lost on the mountain.

Porters are those who carry all your gears (Tents, sleeping bag, toilet tents, foods, water, etc) during your trek. They are cooking for you. their responsibility is keep the logistic to make sure you are not running out of the foods.

Deny’s Trekking have the local expert of Rinjani guide and Porters. all our guides are speak very good English to make the conversation understandable. and Porters who are with decades of mount rinjani experience on the mountain. So you will never worry about our team. They are service you with their smile.

If you have any questions about mournt rinjani trekking trip and tours we offer, feel free to contact us through the available email address and phone number. we are standing by to help

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